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(updated on Jul. 18th, 2024)


Welcome to my website, dedicated to my favourite pieces of computing technology, the Commodore 64 and 128. These two machines are where my fondness for computing began and where I have a lot of happy memories.

I'm not a master programmer of BASIC or 6510 Assembly, nor am I an 8-bit gaming wizard. I'm just a regular guy who still enjoys tinkering and playing on his Commodore computers. I still use my C64 and C128 today and on these pages I'd like to share the fun things that I continue to learn about them .

And, in case you're wondering what model of 64 I like the most, well that would be the one inside my 128! :-D


Progress has been slow, but I've been working piece-by-piece at migrating data into the library. At the moment, I'm slowly transferring video files over to for easier viewing/streaming. I've also been gathering more game instructions, which I'll be adding to the library as time allows. Hope you're having a blessed summer!

As I've been migrating content over to the Library, I've also started transcribing and adding instruction manuals for the games for the titles that I can find. So, over time, the Game Instructions section will include as many full game manuals as I can find time to transcribe.

Review: Submariner Round-up

Just posted a new review of sorts; I've collected the best “bottom-up” submarine games for the C64 and do a brief comparison for each. The games include Sea Wolf, Seawolf II, Seafox, Fire One and Seawolves. read more...

The D-SUB9 arrived today!

Today the D-SUB9, from Retronic Design, arrived and I am thrilled to be able to play C64 games via VICE with my favorite vintage joysticks. read more...

The Library

I've spent the last several evenings updating the website with a new section for the games and applications I have made available for downloading. It's called, “The Library”. read more...

My Mini Commodore

Today there's an entire range of Commodore 8-Bit emulator systems. But back in the early 2000s, we had to be a little more creative. For me, the ASUS EeePC 701 fit the bill perfectly. read more...


I've added a few more game to my NTSC friendly games collection, which you can download and enjoy by visiting the page, here: LOAD "NTSC SPECIFIC GAMES"

New Review - 5 Pin Bowling

My first new review for 2024! Here's a classic by the folks who brought us “Frantic Freddie”; Canadian rules 5 Pin Bowling, by CDS. read more... day-timer/notebook

Here's a gift idea for the retro Commodore computer enthusiast who has everything; it's also a way to pass along some support to, if that interests you. read more...

New game review: Darkland 1 & 2

In the spirit of Hallowe'en, which is just a few days away, I thought I'd do a long overdue new game review. In this one, I share my thoughts on two games that fit right into the season, Darkland and Darkland 2. read more...

More e-books added to GP2X archive

I've added a few more books to the archive of e-books for the GP2X. I've also corrected the formatting for a few of the books that were already in the file. I've also added a list of the books included in the zip file, at the bottom of the webpage. Check them out, HERE...

Lastest Lulu book printing project

My latest (and probably last - for a while) book from Lulu is specifically for my C128. This one contains the user manuals for the alternate operating systems Unix 128 and 128 SHELL. read more...

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